#28GRAMS Group show

#28GRAMS Group Show @FortWorksArt, FW Texas

This past weekend's journey to Fort Works Art in Texas exceeded my expectations by far. Who would've imagined Fort Worth had such a progressive and bustling art scene? #28GRAMS was an effort to bring a diverse handful of amazing artists together from all over the country. The friends made were worth the trip alone. Needless to say, there wasn't a dull moment from the time I stepped off the plane Friday morning to my departure on Sunday evening. I was truly sad to leave.

Just to highlight some of the awesome folks I spent most of time with over the weekend:

The first artist I was introduced to and immediately connected with, was the witty and charming Andre Veloux out of Princeton, NJ. If you haven’t seen what this chap can do with thousands of tiny legos, check him out. His pieces are amazing and take months to complete. (

Shortly after, I stumbled across and soon became attached at the hips of Whisbe and Joseph Grazi, both from Brooklyn. Whisbe, super nice and personable dude, is known for his iconic gummy bear mugshots seen throughout New York. Grazi is a taxidermic-arranging-comedic-ninja. Both geniuses. Let’s just say we consumed an assload of Tacos. Hopefully be seeing these guys sooner than later. (

Chilean painter Alonsa Guevara, also based in NYC, is known for her portrait work incorporated with fruit. Her work is so realistic you have view at an angle to make sure it's actually 2D. Her use of light, color, composition and subject matter is crazy beautiful. Such a humble and engaging individual. (

One of my favs and Instagram/Basel bestie, Dan Lam, made a short but sweet appearance during the public opening Saturday. She's truly a sweet & inspiring human, and her work speaks for itself. I feel very fortunate to have her on my insta speed dial for all my art critiquing needs. (

Then there's Jessica Gordon, newish to painting, but you would never guess. Her dark yet sensual figurative works are jaw dropping. In my opinion she tops most realist painters I know who've been at it for decades. Come to find out, we live in the same city! Hoping to collaborate on a show of sorts in the coming months. (

Drigo! I met this guy over my 4th meal of tacos. Another great Dallas based artist. This guys work literally pulls you in from across the room. His vivid color palette and Indigenous/cultural influenced characters are definitely worth checking out. (

If I've left anyone out, I apologize. My writing skills tend to struggle beyond an hour. All of the art was top notch and I wish I'd had the chance to connect with some of the others, but surely I'll be back for more tacos.

Special thanks to Fort Works Gallery Owner, Lauren Childs and Leigh Ann Williams for all the hospitality and fun times--also 2 lovely people and stellar artists. ( &

Prayer hands and hearts,

Arthur Brouthers 



March 23 - May 20, 2017


Dan Lam @sopopomo
Arthur Brouthers @arthurbros
Alonsa Guevara @alonsaguevara
Will Heron @w_heron
Riley Holloway @hollowayfineart
Michael Vasquez @michaelvasquez_
Hillary Dohoney @honeydoart
Drigo @drigo._
Kit King @kit_king
Andre Veloux @andreveloux
Jerome Lagarrigue @jlagarrigue
Joseph Grazi @josephgrazi
Eric Inkala @drinkala
Lauren Childs @laurenchildsart
Douglas Hoekzema @hoxxoh
Leigh Ann Williams @leighannwilliamshickey
Tim Okamura @timokamura
Sergio Garcia @_sergiogarcia_
Slinkachu @slinkachu_official
Whisbe @whisbe
Marshall Harris @marshallkharrisart
DJ Perera @djperera22
Ben Willis
Jessica Gordon @_jessicagordon_
Jessica McClendon @todayinthestudio
Chris Bingham @chrisbinghamart
Jesse Sierra Hernandez @jessesierrahernandez
Kukula @dear_kukula

Art Basel Week 2016 / Art Concept Fair

A little late on this blog post....

Art Concept Fair during Art Basel Week 2016, 301 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33132 (Booth #206)

Check out If you're in Miami during Art Basel week, check out the Art Concept Fair downtown. I'll have work on view with several other amazing artists at booth #206.

Arthur Brouthers Studio Drop-in (10.27.16)

If you're out and about for the Uptown Crawl tonight, I'll have my door open from 7-10pm.

**Enter through the back basement door of the church facing Hyatt Place (not the side door). I'll have a blu LED light illuminating the entrance

Paid parking is right outside ($8:-( otherwise several parking meters and cheaper lots are nearby. 

*Walking, biking, Uber, or carpooling is recommended :-)

visit studio info page for details on the space

HAPPENINGS CLT - Carolina Art Crush: Arthur Brouthers

Original post: Carolina Art Crush: Arthur Brouthers

Carolina Art Crush: Arthur Brouthers

A true creative and something of a renaissance man, Arthur Brouthers began his career in the arts as a musician, but has now dedicated himself to painting full time. Saturday night, you can see the output of this dedication at his solo show Chroma in a warehouse in SouthEnd.  We were first clued into Brouthers when we started following the Culture Initiative, a forum that Brouthers founded with Joel Tracey. Since then we have admired his work at SoZo Gallery and have been anxious to see more!  Read our interview with Arthur below and then head over to Chroma on Saturday! We will see you there



HCLT: Describe yourself in three words.

AB: Curious, determined, hungry (for food)

HCLT: When did you realize you were an artist?
AB: I actually can’t remember back that far, but I do remember purposefully coloring outside the lines of a coloring book, then asking my mother if I could make money doing things a little different.

HCLT: Who or what inspires you artistically?
AB: Most of my inspiration comes from various emotions. For example, when something goes horribly wrong in my life or someone’s close to me, all I can think of are certain colors & patterns and what size canvas I need to start working on. I suppose its a way of channeling the negative into something positive.

Also, my dear old dad, Arthur Brouthers III. Even in retirement, his drive and dedication is truly amazing.  I owe my passion for art and work ethic to him.


HCLT: Tell us about your current body of work?
AB: I’ve been focusing more on my version of how vibrations and energy appear, along with heavy layering and colors that many artists typically steer away from. The 50+ paintings I’ve been working on range from 6x6in to 96x96in, utilizing a pouring technique of acrylic paint on wood panel, followed by multiple coats of resin.

HCLT: What do you think is the most valuable art experience in the Carolinas right now?
AB: So many come to mind and I’d hate to leave anyone out of the list, so I’ll just say the amazing public art projects popping up throughout the city. With all the cookie cutter condos appearing everywhere, it provides a nice contrast and inspiration for thousands of people daily. Hoping to see more.

HCLT: What is your number one art piece/place/event in this area?
AB: “The Glue That Holds Us Together” – Acrylic & Resin on wood – 96x96x3.5”




One of the pieces I created for my upcoming solo show. Its my interpretation of the frequency that makes it possible for everything in this world to exist.

HCLT: What book is on your nightstand right now?
AB: It’s actually on my fiancés nightstand. Awesome book for anyone: “You are a Badass” by Jen Sincero

HCLT: Best meal in the Charlotte area?
AB: My tastes change on a weekly basis, currently it’s Frans Filling station. Best veggie burger in Charlotte hands down!

HCLT: Where can we see your work?
AB: Chroma- 6/4/16 – 2322 Dunavant St.  & Sozo Gallery, 214 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202. (Facebook Event Page)



Also you can find me online at my website and instagram

HCLT: What is up next?
AB: I’ve been incorporating photography of the human figure in my abstract works, come have a sneak peak June 4th



This Week: May 30 - June 5

This Week: September 14 - 20

Carolina Art Crush: Ivan Toth DepeñaWith 5 comments





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NPR Interview with Hannah Blanton, Arthur Brouthers, and Kyle Mosher


Great start of the day on NPR station (WFAE) with Mike Collins, Sozo Gallery owner Hannah Blanton, artist Kyle Mosher, and myself discussing the Gallery, our journey's, artistic process and making a living as an artist. Thanks to everyone who tuned in. Catch a recording of the show here:

Shifting Opus - 2015

Arthur Brouthers 12"x24"x2" - acrylic & resin on wood panel

Things are constantly shifting, growing, shrinking, breaking down or building up etc, at different rates. Some extremely slow over millions of years, others right before our eyes. This piece and the rest of the collection are inspired by these changes we and everything around us all experience constantly.

Pouring over Arthur Brouthers

Pouring over Arthur Brouthers

17 Oct

By Amy Bareham
Cultural & Community Investment Intern



Arthur Brouthers

Charlotte’s Culture Initiative, graphic design, painting and the Hornets all have someone in common: his name is Arthur Brouthers and he is a fall 2014 Arts & Science Council Community Supported Art (CSA) participant. Originally from Charleston, Brouthers is the embodiment of synergy, marrying multiple concepts and disciplines in order to produce art.

Like many, Brouthers initially put art dreams on hold, declining offers from SCAD and Parsons, and choosing to pursue graphic design at college instead. Once ingratiated in the Charlotte community, he partnered with a friend to develop Culture Initiative, a grassroots movement that supports emerging artists. After five years, roughly 30 shows and a whole lot of patience, Brouthers finally made the decision to step back and focus on his own art.

A successful show with Sharon Dowell and various other artists at Art Space 525 led to a commission and a contract with Sozo Gallery where Brouthers’ work is currently on display. Perhaps most impressive about his paintings is that they’re a result of trial and error.

“One day I was messing around…and I spilled paint. This is a true story,” said Brouthers, “I had some paint fall over, it got everywhere and I really liked the way that [the colors] blended.”

Never has trial and error looked so good. With his unique pouring technique, Brouthers is able to create different effects each time, and should it all go horribly wrong, he can scrape off the paint and begin again.


Arthur Brouthers Work

Artist by day and DJ by night, Brouthers has also made close ties with the Bobcats, now the Charlotte Hornets, playing a majority of home games, halftime sets and private functions. While music is an integral part of Brouthers’ character, he is thankful for the opportunity to invest more time into painting.

“I didn’t feel like I could really go anywhere with what I was doing before – I was doing abstracts,” he said. “I was doing what felt good and what helped me out. It was more like therapy for me. It really didn’t matter if anyone else liked it. Whenever I’m DJ-ing, if people don’t like my music, I don’t get hired or they don’t ask me to come back. But if I’m painting, I can just keep on doing whatever I want to do. It’s more of a freedom of expression.”

That freedom to create is bringing CSA shareholders 50 trademark pieces this October.

“I’m doing 50 10x10x2 wood canvases,” Brouthers explained. “[They’re] basically my pouring style and then there’s a layer of epoxy resin on the top. It almost has a glassy look to it.”

All different colors and inspired by natural formations seen throughout the world, the canvases are labors of love.

“I work with a lot of acrylic and oil, gel mediums…different things to get that specific effect,” he said. “I use heat and I use fans and water, and I add oil…to kind of change the viscosity of the paint so that it will mix a certain way.”

Brouthers is completely self-taught, but as per his synergistic character, utilizes color theory from graphic design when working. With a new art studio and lounge-y house music in the background, this DJ-designer-artiste is set to revel in creative harmony.

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