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Arthur Brouthers Takes Art to New Dimensions in “Out of Body” Exhibition - July 12 2019

CHARLOTTE, NC – June 17, 2019 – Award-winning artist Arthur Brouthers will showcase a new collection of visual art pieces in an interactive solo show on Friday, July 12 at C3Lab, a creative hub in Charlotte. “Out of Body” explores the human experience through paintings that simultaneously encompass celestial bodies and microscopic processes. Brouthers has been featured in galleries across the globe, garnering fan and critical acclaim for his “other-worldly” figure portraits and abstract paint-pouring technique.

In addition to unveiling a new series of mixed-media pieces, the exhibition will transcend mediums with an interactive digital art experience. The “Out of Body Experience Simulator,” co-created by Liz McLaughlin, will allow viewers to become part of Brouthers’ artwork through intellectual and sensory stimulus, combining the ancient practice of meditation with modern visual art. As small groups step into the simulation pod, they will be greeted with a sea of cozy cushions, soft-colored lighting, and relaxing sounds. Abstract visuals will transform the ceiling into a window to outer space, through projections designed by motion graphic artist Pureum Lee. Participants will breathe in sync with one another, guided through a short meditation by astral projection specialist and sound healer Claire Santos, while enchanted by soothing music scored by ambient electronic composer Ryan Persaud. The installation will move and breathe with its viewers, brought to life with lights and colors using 3D animations. Santos will also perform live sound healing with crystal bowls in the decompression room to transition participants in and out of the experience.

Brouthers has personally embraced the transformational power of meditation, saying the practice inspires him to use his art to encourage others to explore higher levels of consciousness. “I want to give Charlotte what art and meditation have always given me: a much-needed escape from the anxieties and pressures of our increasingly digital lives,” said Brouthers.

Live musical guests, The Wormholes, will complement the evening with electronic textures of sound. The Charlotte-based psychedelia synth-pop duo will perform from 9-10 p.m.

C3Lab, a hub for collaborative workspaces and artist studios, is located at 2525 Distribution Street, Charlotte, NC 28203. The exhibition will be open to the public on Friday, July 12 starting at 7 p.m., with a special VIP preview from 6-7 p.m. open to collectors, press and previous buyers. The artist will be on site to discuss his work, and artwork prices range from $100-$10,000. This event is free for all ages, 21+ to drink.

About Artist Arthur Brouthers:

Arthur Brouthers has been a prominent visual artist and a central figure in the Charlotte community for more than a decade. Now distinguished worldwide, he has gained recognition for pioneering an abstract fluid painting technique using acrylic paints and other chemical agents to create his signature style of visually-stunning designs and wildly unique textures. In his figurative works, these unconventional methods are used as bottom layers or the “skins” of his subjects. Brouthers coats more than a dozen sheets of clear resin in between layers of acrylic paint, pigmented inks, and spray paint to create visual depth and a multi-dimensional, 3D effect.

Throughout his career, he has been featured in galleries and solo exhibitions across the globe. In recent years, Brouthers’ had solo exhibitions at Anohaao Gallery in Göteborg, Sweden and was a featured artist at Art Basel in Switzerland and Miami. His work has also been highlighted in a number of feature films including Jordan Peele’s seminal breakthrough thriller, Get Out, in 2017.


Liz McLaughlin: thatreporterliz@gmail.com

Instagram: @ArthurBros | www.arthurbrouthers.com